Variable Frequency Drives
MGI Variable Frequency Drives
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Variable Frequency Drives
  • Automatic energy saving function for your fan and pump applications
  • Advanced PID mode
  • Remote I/O capability
  • NEMA 1 UL type enclosure
  • Ratings: 1 to 75HP, 230 Volt, 3-phase. 1 to 800HP, 460 Volt, 3-phase
  • Energy Savings Signal: M-7000 will calculate and display your energy savings, either as dollars or kW/h.
  • NEMA 1 UL Type Plenum Rated Enclosure Design: Drive can be mounted as a stand alone unit.
  • Ease of Programming:  Taken to higher levels with the new DU07 programming dial and configuration software.
  • Windmill Start: M-7000 measure residual motor slot ripple to determine both the speed and direction of rotation of a coasting motor and can swiftly and smoothly bring it under control when required - whichever way it's spinning.
  • Enhanced Energy Savings:  An improved version of engery-optimization software boosts motor efficiency to unprecedented levels and intelligently maximizes energy savings
  • Complies with Global Standards: UL, cUL, GOST, JEM and CE marked.  A radio filter is included in the drive as standard to meet European EMC levels (2nd environmental).
  • Improved Field Bus Capability: Now included Profibus DP, Lon Works, CC-Link, DeviceNet, Modbus Plus and Metasys N2.
Engineered Drive Packages

MGI Technologies Inc. have teamed up with industry-leading manufacturers to provide the latest variable frequency drive, power quality, and motor technology. MGI provides innovative, integrated VFD packaging specific to commercial and industrial applications. MGI pre-engineers all standard packages utilizing enclosures built to MGI specifications complete with component mounting holes, pre-drilled and tapped to maximize assembly efficiency. All package components are purchased in large volumes to minimize unit costs, and all assemblies are built on production lines to maximize assembly efficiency. Custom packages are built to our customer’s specifications, while taking advantage of our standard package, high volume component discounts and assembly line efficiencies.

  • Increased energy savings for fans and pumps
  • PID controller
  • V/f, Senorless Vector & Closed Loop option
  • Compact space saving design
  • Intelligent I/O terminal system
  • Windows based intelligent programming and monitoring interface
  • Several communication protocols supported